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Welcome to "Pack of the Werewolf Clan", or "PotWC"! This is a text-based, fantasy roleplay that takes place in current times with many wonderfully different and creative creatures and characters. :)

PotWC was founded on 6-6-06 by Guinn & Imbri on Neopets. It has since moved & come under new-ish ownership. I hope you will join us as we begin our new journey.


With great hopes for the future, ~Guinn


"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." ~E.L. Doctorow



Pack Stats

RP Calendar
Gender Stats
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- Prey & Hunting: Average
- Weather: Cool & crisp with the promises of
spring, and old grip of winter slowly relinquishing
it's icy grip at night.
*WereMoon* 00 01 00
~Spirit Clan~ 00 01 00
-Riptide- 00 01 00
-)Outsiders(- 07 03 00
Nonpack 03 01 00
Total 03 04 00



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