Guild Rules


1. THIS GUILD IS RATED PG-13 TO R, meaning just about anything goes, (cursing/swearing, blood/gore, sexual themes, etc.), unless otherwise noted by a staff member.


2. While your charrie will always be yours, if you leave or are banned from the Guild, your charrie will be 'the property of the guild' and will be put up for grabs as a "pre-made". This new player will rewrite any story. However names, pictures, and plot will most likely stay the same. This also goes for your posts on the Guild or History Page. Again no one will ever claim your writing, however once you post, your post is now the "property of the Guild" - as in, "have all rights to using your post on the History Page, for plots, and charrie history.


3. No perfect wolves. We don't care how beautiful they are, or how handsome and strong. That's fine but don't ramble on about it.


4. No *God Moding(GM) or *Power Playing(PP) unless you have direct permission. This means in a fight, you can't hit directly, you must wait for a response, you can't always dodge, and when injured, you have to play it. Those wounds should heal like in real life.


[ * GM- GM is short for "God-modding." It means that a character is invincible or perfect. An example would be if the character dodges every single attack in a fight and escapes without a single scratch. This isn't fair to the other characters in a roleplay, and it's very unrealistic. You don't have to get killed, but make your character at least a little bit vulnerable.

* PP- PP stands for "Power Playing." Power Playing is when a character basically controls another character. An example would be if one character attacks and "kills" another character in one post without the consent of the other RPer. People are annoyed by this because they are the only ones that can control their own character. If you're going to do something drastic to another character, make sure you have their permission first. ]


5. Abide the Council's say not matter what. Our word is law, And if we have a problem, it will be said, and you will listen. If you can't take it, tough.


6. Respect. Respect for players, their charries, their space, and their opinion. You must earn to receive.


7. Please try to stay active. We all have reasons for being gone from time to time but it would greatly be appreciated if you would tell us when you will be gone. You don't want to mistakenly be counted as inactive do you? Then please message, email, fb poke, etc, whatever you can/need to do to let one of the guild leaders know.


8. When you are RPG-ing please have the post topic "RPG: Your name here - your place number here". Your place number should only be in the topic box NEVER IN YOUR RPG POST! Ex: "Danay - E6"


9. Please try to be literate. We are pretty accepting but chat speak or constant, major miss-spellings in your post are very bad and definitely frowned upon.


10. No pornography or links leading to pornographic sites or images will be tolerated on this board EVER. This will incur an instant IP ban and ejection from the guild forever.


11. No animated icons. They are generally bigger files and are distracting when trying to read posts on the boards. If you need to find an icon, go *HERE*.


Once more, please respect and obey the rules. It is an inconvenience to me and other guild members when you don't.


Joining the guild means you agree to these terms.


Character Template


Please make a web-page for your character if possible! If you need assistance, feel free to request it by messaging an Admin.


Character template for your character page: (How to fill out)


Pictures: ( Pictures are a requirement to play! If you need help, please ask us.)

Name: (Name and pronunciation if need be. Feel free to add a new line for any Nicknames too.)

Species: (List all that apply. Choose from the "Creatcher List" and please link to the jump links if possible. [ask for assistance] )

Age: (In human years)

Apparent Age: (If needed, for species that grow older than 80 or so)

Gender: (Within species requirements)

BirthDay: (Example: Nov 13th, 1987)

Eye color: (Within species requirements)

Hair color: (Within species requirements)

Height: (Within species requirements)

Weight: (Within species requirements)

Languages: (List all that your charries can speak - including any animal)
Personality: (List their main personality, and any mental problems if they apply)

Other: (Anything you want to add about their powers, family, things they wear or have on their body [eg: tattos & piercings], things they usually have on their person, etc)

Pack: ("None" until your charrie is placed)

Rank: ("None" until your charrie is placed)

Mate: (None or Name)

Pups: (None or list names and ages)

Best Friend: (None or Name)

History: (This is where you write the story about your charrie. The more in-depth the better. There are no length requirements so just have fun!)



(Please copy and paste to a Word file, or HTML file to fill out)





Apparent Age: 



Eye color:

Hair color:










Best Friend:


Choosing A Pack Rank:


They are the leaders of the pack and there word is law. Only the alpha pair are aloud to have puppies. (you can ask) alpha's at a kill always eat first and to their fill, unless there are puppies.

To get an alpha rank you must; defeat the old alpha, win the heart of the other gender alpha or all of the pack wants you to be alpha.

Being an alpha pair and being mates are very different! To be mates it's much like human dating.



Are like a general, mostly they help new werewolves into the pack, run hunts and keep an eye on things the alphas can not.

To get a beta rank you must; defeat the old beta or have to alphas approval.


Main pack:

Is a basic rank, you pretty much do what you told. Mid pack are always used in hunting and tarra guarding.

To get a mid pack rank you must; be accepted into the pack, and be able to defeat the omega.



Are the lowest rank, they are used as pup sitters, den guarders and anything else no one wants to do. Omegas must take orders from everyone in the pack, besides puppies and strides.

To get omega rank you must; be accepted into the pack but are weakest of the mid pack.



Are part of the pack but do not stay on the packs tarra. Strides can go on any tarra without being an act of war, however they still may but punished by that tarra alpha's. Strides hunt alone and only report to the alpha pair. Striders are like in most ways a spy.

To get strider rank you must; be in the pack and alpha's promote you to strider, you may ask for this but alpha's can pick whoever, whenever they wish.


Pack Rules



1. In between pack terri's is "no wolves land" (nwl). Going on nwl wont get you killed but the other pack may get nervous. From nwl you can ask permission to enter the other pack's territory.


2. You must howl for permission to cross the "no wolves land" and come upon a terri not of your own. In reality, this would cost a wolf their life if they decided to trot right on in. The same can/will happen in the rpg.


3. If you have a best friend from a outside pack you can go on that packs land with no problems, however the rest of your pack will be driven out, by whatever means...



4. To be submissive there are many ways: eyes down, eyes squinted, ears flat, tail between legs, rolling over to show belly, peeing, whimpering or crawling on belly. These all are acceptable, the more of them you do/show the more submissive you are.

And the most important rule:


5. The alpha's word is law. Don't like it? You will probably be kicked out of the pack, punished or killed.