A Few Words

"Guinn & Imbri founded "Pack Of The Werewolf Clan" as best friends, on 6-6-06 and it has been lucky ever since. We started thinking only to RPG with each other and close friends, however POTWC has long since out-grown it tiny beginnings. With over 25 Active members, a peak of 21 posts in one day, and over a year of RPGing under our belt, POTWC is by far the most active and popular Werewolf RPG Guild known to Neopets, and now beyond!"

With great hopes for the future  ~Imbri  



"From the Beginning" - a note by Guinn  (10-15-2013)

This thing has been my whole life for SEVERAL years so everything written here is just a summary...
When Imbri and I first met, I told her about a story I was writing. I was first encouraged by my friend, Mary D. , to start writing as she had some really amazing stories in the works too. The first day we sat down and discussed it was during a chess program that she and m lil sis did together while I waited on the sidelines. I had all my notebooks and some music that had inspired the writings there with me. As she read what I'd had, I played specific songs to show her the deeper feeling of the story. Later on that same year, her old guild went down the drain, so with my story as an inspiration, we created PotWC. At first it was just going to be "for the ell of it!" rp group with a few of our close friends on Neopets. Then, as my story ideas grew and I share them with her, we began making better, and better plots for the rp. Soon, our guild grew exponentially in popularity and we gained many new rpers. Some we knew us personally as our close friends, and some we slowly grew to know and love.
We began affiliating with other guilds and even were featured outside of neo. in those beginning years. We took our HTML and author skillz and applied them to many other projects we'd come up with outside of the guild and won several prizes for our efforts. Imbri and I were absolutely elated at how far we'd come, and how much we learned. However, tragedy for the guild came when Imbri was enrolled in college as then she had very little time to spend. She also grew very sick several times throughout that hard time and was completely incapacitated for days, or even weeks at a time.
The guild has currently been on hiatus for 4+ years now... Imbri & I talked about many things durning her 'down time' concerning plot and decided that "the cake was a lie" (( <-- LIE CAKE >.< )) and that we really needed to re-start the entire plot. Not an easy thing to do, trust you-me, but necessary.
Currently however, after many more years, trials, errors, and real life events than I would have liked, Imbri has had to back off from the guild to take care of her increasingly difficult life and will probably not be re-joining us. Things with myself however have had a turn for the better. A new page and new hope have fuled me into working as hard as ever on the guild once more and getting it back to rights; certinally not an easy task by any means. o.e;  Please hope for the best for me, and the future of the guild...

From the demented mind of  ~Guinn  





"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." -Rudyard Kipling

"I don't react as a wolf would.... I react as a wolf would if she was whisked out of her body, born as a human baby, and raised in human society for 18 years." -anonymous quote

"Never moon a werewolf." -Mike Binder